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Mikołaj Kusiak

Krzysztof Chrzanowski
area supervisor

Design and build

Year by year, interest in implementing projects in the design and build formula is growing. Preparing and conducting a construction project is a large undertaking, which – if possible – is worth simplifying. This option includes choosing one company to which you will entrust both the design and implementation stages. Such cooperation allows to build a long-term relationship and learn the expectations thoroughly. Thanks to this, without the need for rearrangements, it is possible to smoothly transfer all developed decisions to a construction site.

As an investor, you consider all the pros and cons of the decision on the design and build implementation. We are aware of this and we would like to suggest that it is not the mode of implementation but the company with which you will cooperate that is essential for the trouble-free completion of the project. We pay attention and ask the right questions during the analysis. We are meticulous at the design stage. We have a team ready to represent you in formal matters and our own executive resources – despite the difficulties in the market.

Additional benefits of the design and build system in akint.spaces

The offer by akint.spaces in the area of the design and build system allows you to go a step further. . We are experienced in designing and furnishing interiors, thanks to which we can propose and take into account certain solutions at the design stage of the project. In addition, we have a team of experiencedinterior decorators from Warsaw, who will be willing to offer you reliable and professional advice.

The akint.spaces area supervisor will answer all your questions about the design and build mode and will present our references.

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