Akint Rules Matter


Daniel Kuźmiński
area supervisor

Architectural and construction inventory

Architectural and construction inventory is a presentation of the actual state of an existing building. From the Investor’s point of view, having up-to-date technical documentation of the object is an absolute obligation and a basis for further activities.

The scope of the inventory always depends on your needs and planned further use.

In akint.archi, with the use of state-of-the-art measuring equipment — above all, 3D laser scanner — we can perform specialist measurements with an accuracy up to 1 mm, both of typical office, residential or public buildings and of complex industrial or historic structures with a rich degree of architectural ornamentation.

Thanks to internal multi-discipline cooperation, we simultaneously perform inventories of all installations, networks and devices located within the object. All the technical studies that have been prepared meet the rigorous requirements imposed by the applicable standards and conditions enshrined in the construction law and technical specifications, and sometimes even imposed individually by the Office of Building Control.

We guarantee professionalism, especially perfect accuracy of the studies at every stage of cooperation.

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