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Mikołaj Kusiak

Mikołaj Kusiak
area supervisor

Comprehensive technical service of the facility

akint.services provides on-going, preventive and service maintenance for facilities and technical infrastructure.

Functional tissue services (minor maintenance, electrical, plumbing, door and window carpentry) combined with aesthetics such as minor painting, repair and restoration of flooring elements, etc. have an impact on how a facility is perceived. In turn, on-going works on equipment and installations such as hot and cold water, the quality of air parameters, the functioning of fire safety systems and access control have a direct impact on the quality of users’ functioning within a facility.

Using our knowledge and engineering experience stemming from reviews of the said systems, building condition assessments performed in surveys and due diligence, we strive to optimise costs so that by utilising our ongoing presence on site and preventative works we minimise the risk of major repairs and failures in the future.

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