Akint Rules Matter


Anna Bednarska
area supervisor

Opinions and technical expertise

Opinions and technical expertise are terms describing ways to assess the technical condition of a building. An opinion is an assessment based solely on visual inspection and review of available documents, made on the basis of experience and intuition of a specialist.

Technical expertise is a much broader concept, including visual inspection (as in the case of an opinion), but also including additional documentation supported by verifiable, self-reported measurements and specialized tests.

We issue opinions and technical expertise documents that can be used to assess the condition of a building, which may be needed in civil and judicial disputes. Our documents include, among others: the results of strength tests of foundations, walls, ceilings, roof, description of dimensions and materials of which they were made, energy expertise, assessment of the condition of installations in the building and much more. Each study is profiled ideally according to the client’s needs and following consultations with the client.

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