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Krzysztof Chrzanowski
area supervisor

Renovation works

Many people often decide to refresh an existing arrangement – in particular, in private homes. What about commercial facilities? Many questions may arise in such a case – will it mean renovation? What are renovation works and what are alterations? What does refurbishment have to do with the fit out project? We dispel all doubts and advise in which situations it is worth entrusting this type of works to the akint.spaces team.

We perform renovation works in buildings which may resemble construction-related works. They include: plastering works, painting walls or, for example, floor replacement. During renovation works in your facility, we can also replace or improve installations, e.g. electrical, hydraulic, gas, etc.

The objective of the basic type of renovation is to make the facility look fresh and to ensure that all systems in it work properly. During renovation works, it is possible to change certain elements of furnishing or their arrangement and use materials and solutions which are modern at a given moment – this is a typical refurbishment.


Alterations include works related to relocation of a socket, enlarging the door opening, adding an additional heater, using an automatic light on or hiding pipes in the wall. Most of them result from the daily needs related to the use of rooms.

Alterations increase the scope of renovation works. It may also happen that for some of them it will be necessary to prepare a technical design or apply for an additional permit.

Fit out projects

There are cases when visitors do not know where the lifts are, lose their way in the corridors, cannot find the toilets, walk around half of the floor to enter the room next door – all these situations attest to the need to think about the overall concept of the building, floor or even a single office. If you want to redefine the space, change its purpose or perception in the eyes of users, it is required to start with a conceptual design, interior design and 3D visualisation. Only later, is it possible to plan renovation works or alterations. The whole process is included in the fit out project.

We carry out fit out projects that are precisely adjusted to the client’s needs – regardless of the facility he manages. We offer you comprehensive services, which also include design of space in the innovative design and build system.

In all renovation works, in particular in complex facilities, it is worth using a partner being up to date with issues of building regulations, having design and implementation facilities and experience in this type of projects. We invite you to contact the akint.spaces area supervisor area, who will consult the scope of refurbishing your facility.

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