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Mikołaj Kusiak

Krzysztof Chrzanowski
area supervisor

Conceptual interior designs

In akint.spaces, we evenly distribute forces during design. We care about distinctive design, functionality and matching the rooms to the needs of their users. The first stage of design can be a conceptual design of the interior, allowing to comfortably, without unnecessary elements at this stage, present the floor plans of the room and its arrangement, shape and size of planned furnishing. Based on such aspects, investors can systematise the main assumptions and learn the intention of designers.

Conceptual design of the office interior

Conceptual interior designs can apply to any building, regardless of their purpose. n the case of offices or other commercial facilities, based on the conceptual design, it is possible to propose the arrangement and furnishing of individual zones, e.g. passageways, silent work zones, zones with recently popular “telephone booths”, conference rooms or relaxation zones.

We adapt the scope and form of the conceptual design of the interior to the needs of the investor and the scale of the project. In addition, we prepare architectural visualisations in Warsaw, which allow to see the final effect prior to the actual implementation. We encourage you to contact the akint.spaces area supervisor to learn about all the possibilities.

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