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Mikołaj Kusiak

Krzysztof Chrzanowski
area supervisor

Multi-disciplinary construction projects

We define the akint.spaces area as the creation and design of space. If you are planning to build your facility from scratch, you will have many elements to design. . They include, among others, , the way of accessing the plot, the location of the building and the preparation of its design – together with the arrangement of rooms, connections and installations located inside.

As an investor, you can use and coordinate many specialist entities: constructors, architects, designers of electrical installations or designers of sanitary installations. You can also entrust the works to one partner, which will result in multi-disciplinary construction projects, coordinated without your participation. It is a service that also includes representing you in official matters, keeping an eye on deadlines and submitting the necessary applications.

Why is it worth choosing multi-disciplinary construction projects?

Using the service of implementing multi-disciplinary construction projects will allow you to save a lot of time. At akint.spaces, we can combine them with a visualisation of the interior in Warsaw, thanks to which – knowing your needs and having all the materials in our systems – we are able to smoothly help you create unique, functional and ergonomic spaces.

The akint.spaces supervisor will present you the possibilities, benefits and savings that you can expect when implementing the project in cooperation with the company offering multi-disciplinary construction projects for many years.

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