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Mikołaj Kusiak

Mikołaj Kusiak
area supervisor

Thermal imaging of objects and industrial installations

Our thermal imaging surveys allow us to provide our clients with all the information they need to optimize the building in terms of: air exchange, normalization of heating and cooling costs, efficiency of ventilation systems, and tightness of the building envelope.

We also offer diagnostics of industrial installations based on thermal imaging examinations.

Thermal imaging in the industry is used, among others, for periodic testing of correct operation of machinery and equipment and the detection of possible defects that, if not diagnosed in time, can lead to serious failures in the machinery park of the company, and thus to costly downtimes, and even to hazard to the health and life of workers.

Main tasks:

  • detection of defects in thermal insulation of building partitions, i.e. walls, roofs and similar structures
  • detection of thermal bridges in partitions
  • location of occurrence of dampness in partitions and
  • mould growth risk analysis for a partition
  • detection of leaks and unwanted air filtration through partitions
  • detection of defects in applied building materials
  • temperature detection of medium flow in industrial installations

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