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Mikołaj Kusiak

Mikołaj Kusiak
area supervisor

Ongoing service, maintenance and inspections of fire protection systems

The technical inspection and maintenance of fire safety systems is essential to the safety of facility users. Regular maintenance is required in addition to legal regulations by strict expectations of tenants, insurers or stemming from technological process records.


We provide inspections of fire protection systems of all manufacturers present on the market.

We also offer inspection services for SSP related systems such as:

  • emergency and evacuation lighting
  • fire dampers
  • smoke extraction systems
  • fire doors and gates
  • gas extinguishing systems
  • and many others


We also develop and update fire safety instructions..


We perform inspections of sprinkler systems including pumping stations and tanks. We provide comprehensive services for all types of facilities equipped with these fire protection system components.


We perform inspections of fire extinguishers and hydrants in accordance with provisions of applicable law, which should be performed at least once a year.

In most models of fire extinguishers, the extinguishing agent inside should be replaced once every 5 years.

Internal hydrants and hydrant valves must be inspected at least once a year. The scope of the review is strictly regulated. Once every five years, the maximum working pressure should also be checked in hydrants (so called pressure tests).

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