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akint.spaces – space design Warsaw – means a comprehensive implementation in one place. Entrust us with the full process of creating or changing your space. We provide services such as:

  • interior design,
  • design of office buildings,
  • design of greenery in offices,
  • design of residential buildings,
  • design of catering establishments,
  • design of commercial and service establishments

and designing for the purposes of logistics and warehouse spaces.

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Interior design in Warsaw

We listen carefully and ask questions so that your expectations meet the latest market standards and trends. Depending on the scope of the project, we will present a multi-option conceptual design containing a visualisation and space plans. We will prepare industry projects and obtain all necessary official permits. By choosing a comprehensive design service at akint.spaces, you receive much more than just the design itself. At the next stage, we will perform the works in accordance with the project and put it into use.

Each of the process elements described above can be performed separately.

In particular, we appreciate cooperation with clients from our local market. . Our architectural office also provides the following services:

  • interior design in Warsaw,
  • interior arrangement in Warsaw.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that design and arrangement are two different issues. Interior design is an extensive concept which may the mean implementation of the entire process presented above, along with implementing construction works. Interior design is the possibility to change the current space by designing new elements into it and replacing old ones. . As a result, we can get the impression of a completely new space.

We find common ground in partnerships. Learn more details about interior design in Warsaw from the akint.spaces area supervisor. 

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Selected realizations

Our scope
of services includes:


doradztwo projektowe 60x60 - akint.spaces

Conceptual design

tworzenie makiet 60x60 - akint.spaces


wizualizacje 360 60x60 - akint.spaces

Office greenery and landscaping projects

projekty zieleni w biurze 60x60 - akint.spaces

Investment process management from design to implementation

zarzadzanie procesem inwestycyjnym 60x60 - akint.spaces

Multi-branch construction designs (permits, agreements, notifications)

wielobranzowe projekty budowlane 60x60 - akint.spaces

Renovation works (fit-out, alterations, refreshing of surfaces, quick weekend or night works)

prace remontowe 60x60 - akint.spaces

Design and build — and the elements of this process

projektuj i buduj 60x60 - akint.spaces

Investor supervision

nadzor inwestorski 60x60 - akint.spaces

Support for wellbeing processes

wellbeing 60x60 - akint.spaces

Space of creativity.
in a structured design process

Many years of experience allowed us to develop and arrange the design process. This allows us to focus on the right things, taking the time to discover your needs, inspire you, and apply creative, modern solutions.

Design 1 - akint.spaces
Design 2 - akint.spaces
Design 3 - akint.spaces
Design 4 - akint.spaces
Krzysztof Chrzanowski 400x560 - akint.spaces
Krzysztof Chrzanowski 240 - akint.spaces

Krzysztof Chrzanowski


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