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Mikołaj Kusiak

Krzysztof Chrzanowski
area supervisor

Investor’s supervision

When implementing complex, multi-stage construction projects, it is worth using investor’s supervision. This is a service that will also work well in the case of simpler construction works, but in several places at a time. It is also recommended to all persons who do not have time to supervise the course of construction works.

The role of investor’s supervision is to represent your interest on the construction site by:

  • control of progress,
  • control of the speed and quality of work,
  • early detection of potential problems, and
  • supervision of the issue of documents, settlements or material consumption.

At akint.spaces, we build partner relations. Throughout the company’s existence, we have completed various projects on various scales, thanks to which you can feel safe. We will send specialists from various areas to your construction site – adequately to the stage of works performed.

Investor’s supervision in Warsaw

Thanks to many years of experience, knowledge of the local market and registered office in the capital, our investor’s supervision in Warsaw can be particularly effective. We offer services that include among others, representing the investor on the construction site. We guarantee that we will ensure that all works are performed in accordance with the law, construction technology, as well as the design.

If you are planning a project and want to use the offer of investor’s supervision in Warsaw, contact the akint.spaces area supervisor and learn how the services we offer can help you in your case.

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