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Design of office greenery and landscaping

Office is a specific space in which the expectations of users have always been connected with the possibilities and sense of meaning on the part of investors. However, this is a place whose role and importance have changed recently. Today, we are redefining them. Moreover, nobody puts the growing needs into question, but despite this, each party is not in an easy situation. Thanks to our service, which includes office arrangement in Warsaw, we can balance the expectations of all groups drawing benefits from this type of facilities.

Users of office spaces expect modern solutions, zoning and a visually attractive setting. Investors want to meet the expectations of their employees or tenants, allow them to create a creative place and introduce as many facilities as possible. At the same time, they deal with the technical limitations of the rooms and budget issues. We prepare, among others, designs of offices in Warsaw, allowing to optimise the use of space and guarantee the profitability of the project.

Arrangement of offices – Warsaw

Although the office should be primarily functional, while designing the space, one should not forget about the aesthetic functions. They greatly affect the well-being of employees, thus making work more effective.

We arrange offices in Warsaw – our designers have not only extensive theoretical knowledge and specialist skills, but also an aesthetic sense. Regardless of the size, we are able to arrange a space that will not only fulfill its most important functions, but will also be furnished in good taste – based on the requirements and expectations of the client.

Designing greenery in offices

When designing a modern office building, we should not forget about the issue of greenery. Plants should be selected in terms of the size of a room, its function, the number of people and the time they spend in it. Their specification and interaction is also of great importance. If decisions which entrepreneurs and owners of office space usually have no idea of, are to add aesthetics and not to disturb the ecosystem, it is worth focusing on proven design of greenery in offices.

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