Thermographic inspections

Together with a group of experts and engineers we carry out thermal imaging inspections of buildings in all areas of Poland. Such inspection allows for checking the buildings for air leakage and assessing the quality of insulation.

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Thermographic survey of buildings and machinery

Thermal imaging detects temperature differences on the building’s skin. The monitor displays a real-time image that shows the building in shades from blue to yellow to red. The more blue, the better the insulation of the building. Red and orange indicate areas that radiate heat. This makes it easy to see where there is a problem with insulation.

Thermographic inspections of buildings are carried out using top-quality equipment. Our results are reliable and are delivered quickly. After the survey, we always provide the customer with a full expert report.

We recommend a thermographic inspection of a building in the raw state before starting thermal insulation works. This will help you find the areas where heat leakage is the biggest problem. Poor insulation can later cause problems such as damp, mould growth, and high heating costs. Another scan should be done after fitting insulation to see if it has any defects.
In our opinion it is also worthwhile to carry out thermographic inspections for properties purchased on the secondary market, especially when it comes to family homes. Thermal imaging will indicate if the house has hidden defects, such as damp or mould-covered walls that were painted over before the buyer came to view the property.

Thermal imaging can also be carried out inside buildings. This is very important anywhere where working machines and appliances that heat up are present.

Thermal radiation range of the thermal imaging cameras is completely safe for humans, animals and objects. We always follow safety rules.

If you want to carry out a thermographic inspection of buildings or machinery, we are at your service. We make appointments for a time and date convenient for the customer, and we offer short waiting times. We are punctual, accurate and professional.

Our services include:

– Comprehensive investment cost estimates

– Estimates for planned renovations

– Preparation of work documentation

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