We perform professional building inspections.

Did you know that…?

Regular inspections of buildings should be carried out annually and every 5 years. We have extensive experience and many satisfied customers who have used our services.

What are our tasks?

 Annual and 5-yearly inspections

We carry out building inspections supervised by the best engineers. To maintain the highest levels of safety for the household, it is necessary to annually check:

– Facades, walls, roof, structural elements and all parts of the building exposed to weather factors
– Integrity of gas installations
– Chimneys, gravity ventilation, and mechanical ventilation systems

Installations and equipment for environmental protection

5-yearly inspections allow for checking the technical condition of the building. They include:

– Checking the condition of the structural components of the house
– Checking the aesthetics of the building and its surroundings
– Condition of wiring and lightning protection installations

For buildings with a built area over 2,000m2 and other structures with a roof area exceeding 1,000m2, a building inspection should be carried out semi-annually, in autumn and spring.
All our operations comply with the current building law. What matters for us is safety and high quality. Each building inspection concludes with a multi-page report with photos, which we deliver to the customer.
Both the annual inspections as well as the five-yearly ones are subject to the obligation under Article 62 of the Construction Law Act.
If you care about the best, most reliable results, we will be happy to carry out a building inspection for you. We are flexible and we always set the appointment for a date and time convenient for the customer. We are open to communication. Our headquarters are in Warsaw, but we operate nationally to provide high quality services to all our customers.
Building inspections allow for assessing the technical condition of:


– Central heating and hot water installations
– Sewage installation
– Devices attached to the walls and roof
– Balconies, railings and other exterior wall elements
– Building inspections should also be carried out after any external event that could affect the structure of the building and its components. These include earthquakes, heavy rainfall, floods and fires.

We are happy to provide advice and assistance. We carry out building inspections and other services to top standards. Extensive experience, knowledge and cooperation with the best engineers ensure that our building inspections are reliable, timely and the best in Poland.

Inspection of the gas system

Gas inspection is a mandatory part of an annual building inspection. Our qualified staff will thoroughly check the connections, tightness and technical condition of the gas system. We know how important safety is, so we make every effort to detect any irregularities that could pose a risk to health and life. After the inspection, we provide a report in which we state the date of the survey and its results.

Akint is a professional business performing all works with extraordinary attention to detail. What matters most to us is safety and customer satisfaction. We have already been trusted by many people who have discovered how open, flexible and timely we are when carrying out building inspections.

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