The service consists in a survey of the building’s components and installations, which are affected by weather conditions and wear and tear typical for real estate property. The survey includes inspection and evaluation of environmental protection equipment as well as gas installations, chimneys and ventilation.

Did you know that…?

We carry out annual and 5-yearly building inspections compliant with Article 62 of the Construction Law Act.

Our services include:

– Building inspections: annual and 5-yearly.
– Inspection of buildings, structures and installations exposed to harmful external factors (e.g. roofing, facades, walls, structural elements and roof).
– Inspection of components and installations for environmental protection.
– Testing of gas system for leakages.
– Inspection of chimney flues (smoke, exhaust gases), gravity ventilation (chimney inspection) and mechanical ventilation.
– Survey of reinforced concrete and masonry structural elements.
– Verification of the building construction according to the design, quality control of the finishing works.
– Diagnosing the problem, diagnosing the cause of the fault, costing the repair.
– Laboratory tests, boreholes, measurements.
– Comprehensive technical due diligence before property sale transactions.

We provide comprehensive services

Inspections are performed by teams of experienced engineers. The result is presented as a multi-page report illustrated with photographs.

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