Electrical testing

Annual and 5-yearly low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) electrical testing

A well-functioning electrical installation is one of the basic components of a safe building. As they are typically subject to heavy use, electrical systems are more than other systems vulnerable to faults and defects. Only regular inspections are able to prevent faults and avoid costly repairs.

Did you know that…?

We offer regular electrical inspections to the extent required by the Construction Law Act or to the extent required by the customer. Every year we carry out electrical testing in nearly 500 buildings in Poland. The electrical inspections we perform combine regular testing and measurements of medium voltage stations and their professional maintenance.

Our services :

We carry out a full range of annual and five-yearly electrical testing measurements fully compliant with the scope of the Construction Law Act Art. 62, and in particular:
– insulation resistance testing,
– testing of residual current devices (electric shock protection)
– testing of the effectiveness of electric shock protection of installations, sockets and devices
– testing of the lightning protection system
– inspection and testing of low voltage electrical switchgear
– testing of basic lighting, emergency escape lighting and emergency lighting
– phase load balancing testing
– measurements and tests of fire switches
– inspection of capacitor banks
– inspection and testing of medium voltage transformers
– inspection and testing of medium voltage electrical switchgear
– testing of medium voltage circuits

We also carry out modernisation and renovation of electrical installations and lighting as well as fitting installations from scratch.

We provide services throughout Poland and abroad using teams of highly experienced engineers.

We provide comprehensive services

Nationally. Inspections are performed by teams of experienced engineers. The result is a multi-page report from the service rendered, including photographs.

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