Due Diligence

We perform technical due diligence.

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Investing in real estate can bring many benefits. However, to make sure that the plot, building and adjacent structures you want to purchase do not carry any risk, it is important to carry out comprehensive due diligence checks before purchase.

Technical due diligence allows you to reduce the investment risk.

Due diligence checks include:

– Verification of the legal status of the property
– Verification of planned developments in a given area and in adjacent areas
– Checking availability of services such as water, sewerage, mains gas and electricity
– Checking access (connection to a public road)

Our company will carry out a detailed and thorough analysis of the property. We will review its legal status, which should be clear, so that any planned developments are not hindered. We will thoroughly review the deeds and other property documents to see if everything is accurate and complete. We will also review data held in the Land and Property Register. We will thoroughly investigate every detail and clarify all doubts. We will also find out about planned developments on nearby plots, which may turn out to be contrary to customer expectations. The copy of the local spatial development plan may also contain information on the conditions of development that apply  to the property.
Due diligence checks also include checking the services available at the property. It may happen that there is no water, electricity, sewerage or mains gas supply, and their connection is expensive. Such an investment could turn out to be completely unprofitable for the customer. If the services are not connected, we will check whether there are connections planned in the near future. When the
property does not have access to the public road, we will find out what the conditions for creating a connection are. According to the Construction Law, all property developments are conditional on having access to a public road.
Thorough and meticulous due diligence significantly reduces the investment risk and makes it easier to decide whether to undertake the purchase. We guarantee that our analysis will include important facts and considerations. Our full report will provide you with all the information we have collected and will demonstrate the risk associated with the planned investment.

We provide comprehensive services

Nationally. Inspections are performed by teams of experienced engineers. The result is a multi-page report from the service rendered, including photographs.

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