Comprehensive energy certificates, energy efficiency assessment of heating and cooling systems

We provide professional energy certificates and energy efficiency assessments for heating and cooling systems.

Did you know that…?

Energy efficiency certificates allow for the determination of the condition of the building in terms of energy consumption. This is extremely important when erecting a new building as well as for already existing buildings. In addition, an energy efficiency survey will help you to plan and carry out renovations that will save money.

Mandatory energy certificates

According to the applicable building law, the obligation to obtain an energy certificate applies to:

  • Newly constructed buildings
  • Buildings after extension
  • Apartments or houses bought from a developer
  • Apartments or houses bought on the secondary market
  • Rented apartments or houses
  • Buildings with an area exceeding 250m2

The duty to produce an energy certificate for a sold or rented apartment or house lies on the side of the seller (the landlord).

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Aknit provides high quality energy certificates. By working with qualified staff and engineers, we provide credible  energy certificates – on time. We care about customer satisfaction, so we are flexible and we make every effort to provide the certificate as quickly and as conveniently for the customer as possible.
The energy certificate contains an estimate of the building’s annual consumption of non renewable primary energy (PE). The PE indicator defines annual demand for heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water and lighting.

Comprehensive services

In addition to issuing high quality energy certificates, we also carry out thermographic inspections of buildings.
We are also happy to provide:

  • Assessments of the energy performance of boilers and other heating devices – technical condition and efficiency of a boiler should be tested once every five years in the case of boilers with nominal power of 20-100kW, every two years for boilers utilising liquid or solid fuel with power greater than 100kW and every 4 years for gas fuelled boilers with power over 100kW
  • Assessing the energy efficiency of cooling equipment – when using cooling units with a power greater than 12 kW, tests should be run at least every 5 years
  • Testing of the performance of divisional structures
  • Inspecting the technical condition of electrical installations and switchboards
  • Inspecting the technical condition of cooling and heating systems and technological pipelines

Our company is known for its high quality of service. We are meticulous and take care of every detail. We know how important safety is, so we focus on qualified and dutiful employees who have the necessary knowledge and skills to do their job.
Aknit is a company with experience. Our team of experts issues a full report with all documentation after each inspection and survey. We also provide professional advice. We will be very happy to answer any queries – get in touch.

We provide comprehensive services

Nationally. Inspections are performed by teams of experienced engineers. The result is a multi-page report from the service rendered, including photographs.

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